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The Gallery offers the viewer a wide range of my paintings from 'Landscapes' to 'Buildings' to a sailing trip I took in 'Turkey'. Please note that some paintings are hard to categorise and although they may show the head of a Loch they may have been put under 'Landscapes' rather than 'Seascapes' due to their overall composition.
But look at them all and you won't miss any!



I am intrigued by the way the appearance of a landscape can change by a quirk of light, from something of unyielding weight and solidity to a skim of colour or to something as ethereal and delicate as tissue paper. I try to paint a landscape with an accurate and fresh approach depicting the place and the atmosphere of the moment as I see it.


Sky and Seascapes

I find the challenge and fascination of painting something that is powerful and constantly moving a stimulating contest. Often the light changes so fast I have to memorise the moment I want. Other times something improves and completely changes for the better and I have to start again!


Boats and Yachts

I love boats and one of my main pleasures is sailing. Because of this I usually understand boats and how things interact and work; I feel accuracy is important even if only a fleeting piece of a boat is visible in a rough sea. My husband and I sailed in a Fisher 30 round Ireland, to Norway and undertook many trips up the West Coast of Scotland. I am an associate member of the Royal Cruising Club and a member of the Clyde Cruising Club and the Tarbert (Loch Fyne) Yacht Club.


Flowers and Trees

I have to paint what I see and try to capture the character and the sheer beauty and delicacy of a flower or the strength and nature of trees. Sometimes woodland has a very special enclosed peace which is absent on the open field or moor.



I am interested in architecture and the use of texture and colour in different building materials. I can draw accurately, usually on site, and am often delighted by little architectural details that become clear but are easily missed at a glance. Some commissions of very plain buildings have tested my ability to make interesting compositions. Plants, birds or animals have come to the rescue.



Crewing on the yacht 'Lectron' - a Moody 376 - in Turkey for five weeks. I was so lucky to be asked to join two friends on their yacht in Turkey. They had spent several years exploring the eastern Mediterranean and had carefully worked out an interesting and beautiful route to show me some of their favourite places. We had a few long sails in excellent winds and also visited the Greek Islands of Simi and Tilos. Days were spent pottering from bay to bay where many of the farms and restaurants have jetties and moorings where they make you most welcome and offer excellent meals.

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